Freshwater Bass Fishing Tips for Summer


Summer is by far the best time for bass fishing. Many anglers anxiously wait all year for the beginning of summer to usher in a whole new level of bass fishing. As the water begins to really warm and pass the 60 degree mark bass, become increasingly active offering an incredible fishing experience.

Weather and temperature:

Summer months offer the best possible fishing, due to the warmer waters bass can be caught throughout the day and are even frequently caught at night.

Most effective areas of a lake or river to target:

Summer months bring warmer waters which attract bass into shallower areas where the bass can feed easily and frequently. Any area that offers a shaded hide for bass in shallow water is likely to be a home for bass, targeting these areas (over growth, fallen tree, aquatic growth, etc) will often produce a good action.

Bass are likely to loiter in areas with highly aerated water, such as along the banks of rivers or lakes, run-offs, eddys, creeks, and other areas with high water flow which are ideal places for bass to hold.

Best tackle for summer bass fishing:

During the summer months bass are most active and most capable of fighting, because of this you should be more aware of the strength of your fishing line, pairing your line strength (pound test) with the size of the fish you are trying to target.

Summer months and warmer waters means that more bass will be in shallower waters which introduces the possibility of all types of lures… thousands of them.

Personally I lean toward top water lures that resemble critters, not just because I feel they work well at attracting bass, but they also offer an unparallelled opportunity to watch a bass break water as it strikes the top water critter.  In addition to using top water critters I also will use metal spoons that feature some type of feather, I feel the feather works well in attracting bass with more of a realistic action.

There are many different types of bass lures, all of which are covered elsewhere on Whamz. The main aspect of bass fishing in the summer is choosing what type of lure and fishing technique you enjoy personally, the opportunities are endless.

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Temperatures are a big factor for bass:

During the summer months the water is the warmest offering the possibility to fish for bass in some of the most shallow waters possible. Bass are likely to hide and graze throughout the day and night, frequenting areas that offer some type of shade or cover. Aquatic growth, fallen trees, on or around docks and piers, any and all under water structures offer refuge of bait fish and attract bass.

Ideal Depth:

During the summer months bass are found throughout shallow waters, frequenting higher aerated areas most often.

Things to consider:

Bass fishing in the summer is the most popular time to fish for bass, and offers by far the most opportunities to pair your personal fishing preferences with successful fishing techniques. read more about the various bass lures available and how best to fish with them to determine what is your ideal fishing method.

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