Top 5 Bass Fishing Tips


This summer has been great for bass fishing and has inspired me to come up with some of the most effective and simple tips possible to increase the number of bass you catch each time you go out fishing.

There is nothing quite like sitting on a small boat on a quiet lake with your pole out and line in the water. There’s a reason why it is one of the most popular hobbies and pastimes.

Different seasons means we will see different fish in the water. Bass tends to be a warmer weather fish, so most often you will be fishing for bass during the warmer parts of the year, where they are active and near the surface of the water, searching for bugs and other little fish to eat.

Bass Tackle Kit

1.   Proper Tackle
Using the proper tackle is crucial, without it you will not be able to land (get onto shore) the bass you hook. In a typical scenario, fishing for bass that are 1-7 pounds, a medium action freshwater pole should be used with a monofilament line no stronger than 10 pound test.

2.    Fish Around Structures
Freshwater bass have a tendency to hide waiting for their prey in and around structures, in order to hide or camouflage themselves. Underwater channels, ledges, fallen timber, rocks and aquatic overgrowth are just some of the structures where bass are likely to be waiting for pray. This makes fishing these places ideal for targeting bass, especially in the warmer months.

3.    Attractive Bait
Bass feed off from other bugs, smaller fish, and other such lake creatures… almost always alive. If you intend to attract a bass’s attention you will need to utilize live bait or a lure that can mimic the action of live bait.

4.    Color of Lure

Bass Crank Bait

The color of lure has to be proper and in sync with the weather. If the water happens to be clear and it is bright all around, then you are likely to have better luck with a shiny and flashy lure. If the water happens to be off color or the sky is dark or gray, using a bright color lure would work. While night fishing seems to work best with dark colored or black bait.

5.    Keep Your Lines Tight
If you do not keep your lines tight you will not notice all of the bites you get. This is the number one mistake some new fishermen make, easiest fix, and will result in the most dramatic change in success.

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