Freshwater Bass Hot Spots


This is going to be an ongoing list of areas and scenarios to look out for when you are fishing for freshwater bass, and why these are areas that are frequently freshwater bass hot spots… and what that means for your when you are fishing a similar area or scenario.

Amongst Reeds and other Aquatic Growth – I have had some of my best luck when fishing for bass around reeds, and really around any type of over grown aquatic growth, especially when the growth provides a reasonable amount of shade for fish to hide under/in.

During the warmer months this is especially effective since the bass are more active and likely to instinctively strike at a critter, fly, or other lure. I personally have had the most success in this scenario with feathered spoon lures, or critters that resemble local bugs. Quick casts on and around the shaded area nearest the aquatic growth usually provides quick and impressive results.

Around/Below Small Dock or Pier – Fishing for bass in the shadow that is provided by a dock or pier is a good place to check for grazing bass. The shadow provided by the structure gives the bass a place to hide, while the columns that support the pier or dock often provide feeding grounds for smaller bait fish, which then in turn attract bass.

When fishing around a dock or pier it is most effective to use minnow type lures, or even live bait itself. The fish around a dock or pier are more likely to be already grazing with fewer places to hide long term, so something that flashes or shines is likely to out perform just about anything else. Best during the warmer months but can also be an effective fishing spot in colder months as well. When fishing deeper waters around a pier or dock plastic worms seem to out perform most other artificial lures.

Around and Below Tree Overhang – A tree over hanging a slow moving area of water can be one of the best places to fish in the summer, especially during the hottest hours… since not only will the fish be moving towards the shade, if executed properly so can you.

A tree or bush over hanging the water offers bass a shaded or partially shaded area to graze in as well as the increased possibility that bugs or flies will naturally fall into the water. Many bass naturally survive off from the bugs and flies they gather around tree and bush over hangs, so your bait is more likely to be appealing. Best during warmer months, and when utilizing a small fly or critter lure.


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