Freshwater River Fishing Basics


There are few things in this world that can be more thrilling than freshwater river fishing. Standing in the flowing river waters, trying to catch fish is activities that can ease a troubled soul. Freshwater river fishing is one of the most soothing experiences, since it does not require a lot of equipment and can be easily done from a canoe, a kayak or while wading. Visualize spending a silent day casting in a beautiful isolated stream or river, waiting for the minute when a fish will rises from the flowing water to take your bait.

river fishingThis fishing method needs you to think of where fish will take refuge from predators and current. Take a look at areas where there is a structure next to the bank, like hanging branches or sunken trees, but remember that there are many areas in a river that will hold fish. The best freshwater river for fishing offers many natural structures that not only provide protection against predators and current but also serve as the perfect places for game fish to waylay the victims.

If you are a novice in freshwater river fishing and you don’t know where to start. No problem, keep reading, this article is for you. It’s easy to learn freshwater river fishing. Start by learning about the river fishing gear and freshwater tackle you should use. The following basic tips will help you know the right tackle to use and where you are likely to find fish in these kinds of water. These tips will also help you increase your catch and be successful in freshwater river fishing.

Freshwater River Fishing tips

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If you are wondering how to fish in the freshwater river, this article offers tips for fishing this type of water. In this article, we will use our years of fishing experience and outline some freshwater river fishing tips that will teach almost anyone how to catch more fish and become a successful freshwater river fisherman. Without wasting time, the following are the tips when fishing freshwater rivers.

  • Be Watchful of your Shadow: You must be careful of your shadow while wading in the river because freshwater river fish are very conscious of their environment and nothing spook a fish more than a moving shadow. These creatures are very observant of their surroundings and when something is “out of the ordinary” they are likely to get “frightened” and when a fish gets frightened it is unlikely that it will bite.
  • Be Watchful of The Moon: the stage of the Moon has a great influence on the fish level of activity, so you should pay attention to the stage of the moon so that you can be on the river at the most favorable times. For example, fishing is likely to be better when the moon is full at night instead of in its fading crescent. Be watchful of what stage the moon is and if possible plan your fishing trips accordingly.
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    Fish around rock piles or Islands: On the downstream part of sandy islands and rock piles, the water is always calm. Fish often rest, fronting the upstream, and the downstream part of rock piles and sandy islands. This area of water may be big or small, but it is likely that a smart cast in the right spot will land you a fish.

  • Be mindful of noise: Another important tip is to be mindful of how you move through the water. As you know, sound travels great distance underwater and as you walk through the river you are fishing, if you make too much noise, you will spook the fish you are trying to catch. This means that you should mindful of every step you take, especially when you are close to where you want to fish.
  • Time of Day: It is important to decide when you want to go fishing. The time you go fishing is very important and it is a vital freshwater river fishing tip virtually everywhere. Don’t forget, fish move around a lot and certain climatic conditions, including the position of the moon, determine their movement. So make sure you are in the right place at the right time. This knowledge can be achieved easily by studying the habitat and the nature of the fish present in the river. It will be an irrational act to stand in the water for hour when the fish are probable somewhere else.
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    Types of Bait: The best option is to carry live bait for fresh river fishing. And the presentation of the live bait is very important to determine the reactions of the fish. And it is important to mention that the more natural you make it look; the greater your chances of catching fish. Gang hooks are the best choice to achieve this goal since the hooks add natural look to your bait. Ensure you bounce your bait on the river floor at regular intervals to make a better impression.

Freshwater River Fishing Techniques

We have discussed freshwater equipment and where to find fish. It is also important to know which methods and baits will work best when fishing freshwater rivers. There are several simple techniques that you can use to start. Once you gain more fishing experience, you can always learn new methods.

  • Bottom Bouncing: the most common freshwater river fishing technique is the use of a Carolina Rig to bottom bounces a live bait or soft plastic bait alongside with the current. This can be a very good method to use for smallmouth bass around ledges near deeper channels.
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    Upstream Casting: cast upstream with in-line spinners for rainbow trout or brown trout. Don’t forget that natural food sources will be drifting downstream; therefore this makes a natural presentation.

  • River Jigging: For many fishermen, jigs are regarded as the best lure for freshwater river fishing, mostly when fishing close to the mouth of a river, in areas of slower current and close to shores for Walleye. In most situations, 1/4 to 1/8 ounce jig will work well. You can use up to 1 ounce in areas of stronger current.



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