Freshwater Bass Fishing Tips for Spring


Spring is the great time for those who enjoy bass fishing. But there are certain conditions that when followed will provide the best results when fishing during the spring months. Bass fishing during the spring requires specific techniques that can greatly increase the odds of catching more bass.

Weather and temperature:

As the weather warms up bass begin to graze more frequently than during the winter months however, the cold currents in North and South America are not quite yet ideal for bass fishing. Due to the cooler water temperatures, bass behave in a more lethargic manner and are likely to frequent deeper areas of the lake or rivers.

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Best Tackle for Spring Bass Fishing:

There are two ideal set ups for spring time bass fishing. Deep water and/or lethargic bass are more successfully fished with plastic worms and other similar “bottom lures.” Bottom lures are best used around docks and piers, or any other underwater structure that will provide a bass with a hiding place.

During the later months of spring the water begins to warm, which causes bass to begin to graze more frequently. During these grazing periods the most successful lure is likely to be a spinning lure or spinning bait, which is most effectively used during windy periods.

Most effective areas of a lake or river to target:

During the colder periods of spring bass are more likely to be most prevalent in the deeper waters of a lake or river, typically on or around an underwater structure.

During the hottest parts of the day, and during late spring bass can be found around slow moving shallow water that has aquatic growth or tree/bush over hangs.

Temperatures are a big factor for bass:

Minimum warmth of water should be between fifty to sixty five degrees. Rather than swimming around looking for the warmest parts of a lake or river, a bass will often patiently wait for the weather conditions to be more favorable resting in a deep area or a lake or river around an underwater structure.

Ideal Depth:

During the early spring months bass fishing is done best at the deepest accessible underwater structures.

During the late and warmer spring months bass are more likely to be found in the 8-15 foot depth on or around an underwater structure.

Things to consider:

This is the time in which bass are likely to be spawning (laying eggs). Based on the temperature of the water you can have a good understanding of what the bass are “doing”.

  • If the water is in the 45 degree range bass are likely to remain in deep water haunts (underwater structures).
  • If the water is in the 50 degree range bass can be found suspended on and around points, typically at a depth greater than 15 feet.
  • If the water is in the 55 degree range bass can be found in deeper channels closer to shore, even exploring shallows on warmer days, typically at a depth no deeper than 15 feet.
  • If the water is in the 60 degree range bass are are likely to be in the shallows bedding. When the water reaches 63 degrees bass are capable of spawning.

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