Tips for fishing for trout with PowerBait


PowerBait is an artificial bait that comes in a variety of styles and forms, but is most frequently used has a clay or play-doh consistency. PowerBait is most effective when baited onto, small traditional hooks no larger than size 10 or treble hooks size 14.

PowerBait can be used to catch a variety of pan fish as well as most species of trout. PowerBait can be one of the most simple and effective ways you can target trout. PowerBait is effective when fishing for stocked trout as well as when fishing for planted trout, although in my experience has been more effective with recently stocked trout (within 1-14 weeks).

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PowerBait comes in a variety of colors and scents which offers you as the fisherman the ability to switch colors and scents easily, a huge advantage when fishing for trout.

Below are some important things to remember when fishing with PowerBait

  • As with all trout fishing use a ultralight rod and reel
  • Use monofilament line 4 to 6 # test
  • When fishing for trout with PowerBait, it is important that the PowerBait you are using has not been open for more than a single season. Over time the PowerBait may lose its color and scent, as well as pick up many “human” scents… all of which will result in fewer strikes.
  • Use small hooks. Treble hooks size 12 to 14 are ideal.
  • Rub your hands on grass before handling the PowerBait, this will prevent you from adding unnatural scents to your bait. The more unnatural scents added to your¬†PowerBait, the less trout you will catch.
  • Bring multiple scents and colors, trout are notorious for not eating the same thing two days in a row, many times a simple change in color is all that is needed.
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    Change your bait frequently if you are not getting any bites to ensure freshness, consider changing to a different color or scent as well.

  • Vary the depth in which you are fishing.

I personally fish with two poles, one is set up with a lure and the other, a stationary one, with PowerBait. I have seen everything from perch and crappie to medium sized sturgeon caught on PowerBait and I never ceased to be amazed how effective and consistent the dough like bait is.

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