Tips for Lake Perch Fishing


Most of the people who take a keen interest in fishing have grown up doing the same with their parents on weekends. Most anglers were initiated into the art of fishing by casting the line for perch before anything else. Perch is found in the majority of the streams and lakes of North America throughout the year because they have a year-round feeding cycle. So, one can conveniently start the fishing lessons any time of the year. Here are 10 tips for catching lake perch that will yield favorable result.

perch fishingFeeding Behavior of Perch – Perch have a year-round feeding cycle; and thus they are always available to fish. Hence, going to the lake in any season that one prefers to go fishing, is very appropriate. This also makes it the most favorable fish for a novice to catch because one doesn’t have to wait for a particular season for them.

School of Perch – Perch move in a schools, bigger perch are found in deeper waters and smaller perch in shallow waters, this simple tip should help fishermen, decide the location and depth to fish depending on of size that they intend to catch.


Fishing Rod – Using a lightweight fishing rod that is 7-9 feet in length would be very reasonable for catching the perch. This will allow the angler to cast the line at a much longer distance without being hassled or stressed. However this is not necessary since perch can be found throughout a lake.

Bait and Food – Lake perch like to eat anything that is natural and available to them. This trend makes it easier to use just about any kind of bait, either live or dead. Using a live worm is always an excellent idea for a novice fishermen, however when fishing for perch, one must make use of small sized worms or pieces of a worm. Perch are known to favor smaller baits. Dry or wet flies would be the best bait options, preferably something “flashy”.

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Your Hands Should be Clean – Your hands should not have any unnatural odor because the perch may not take the bait if it doesn’t smell the bait to be ‘fishy.’ Clean hands are always suggested when you are fishing.

Watch Your Shadow – An angler must watch the spot where his shadow may fall, as well as the shadow of his pole and line. Perch are very alert about any changes in their surroundings and are likely to be spooked by movements.

Use Fancy Lures – Lake perch are attracted to flashy and colorful lures, which makes the angling for them fairly easy. Any bright lure will likely work, we suggest trying to use inexpensive but colorful lures when targeting perch.

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