Basic Trout Fishing Tips


Trout fishing can be incredibly enjoyable, but even more so when you are catching fish. Whether you are fishing in a lake or river, or fishing from the shore or by boat, trout follow a number of patterns that can help you improve your odds to catch some trout.

Based on experience and research, we have come up with a great list of basic tips to ensure that you are more successful at catching some trout:

  1. Trout fishing is likely regulated by your state or province, it is important that you know the rules and regulations… and if necessary, acquire fishing licenses.
  2. If possible, get a map of the area you will be fishing.
  3. Fisherman caught a fish in mountain dam

    Use a monofilament fishing line that is no heavier than 8 pounds test in low visibility waters, and use a monofilament line no heavier than 4 pound test in clear waters.

  4. Use small hooks when “bait fishing” trout, sizes #6 to #12 hooks or #14 to #18 treble hooks.
  5. Light tackle is preferred for trout fishing. A fast action, ultra light,  spinning rod between 4 and 5 feet long is ideal.
  6. When bait fishing for trout, attach a split shot weight to the line. This will allow you to cast more effectively as well as control the rate at which your bait will drift, if at all.
  7. Four consistent trout baits are live earthworms, PowerBait, salmon roe, and small bits of marshmallow.
  8. Cast slightly upstream when ever possible, this allows the bait to appear more realistic when drifting in the current.
  9. When trying to catch visible fish, go 15-30 feet downstream from the fish and cast 15-30 upstream past the fish. This will provide a lifelike drift for your bait and is most likely to entice the trout, since most trout face upstream in anticipation of food drifting towards them.


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