Trout Night Fishing Tips


Usually people go out fishing in the day time because that is very convenient to do. However, the trout do come out at night to feed and the experts of angling do admit that one can catch a big fish after the sun has set and it is dark. Hence, why not go try fishing a bigger trout. This is an experience that not many have because they either do not like the idea or they do not know how to go about it.

The night trout fishing is a favorite among many anglers as the fishing is much at peak in the night, compared to the day time.

This is the time when only a few other anglers will be around to fish, creating a very good opportunity to catch more trout and fish a larger area. Other than the solitude of the night and the peaceful water, the ambiance of the dark night makes the entire experience more pleasant. Once the vision of an angler adjusts to the low light of the night, he can determine the different sounds that come from the surroundings.

Underwater image of sea trout. Brook trout

Do comprehend this simple fact that trout are very sensitive to smell and shadows, at night a shadow is no longer a problem unless it’s a full moon night. At night the trout are more at ease and they tend to move around without feeling threatened. During the dark hours of the night if the sky is full of clouds, it will minimize the silhouette appearance of the angler. All of this gives an advantage to catch more fish in comparison to the day time.

One of the most important but basic rules of thumb when night fishing is, do a round of the area and familiarize yourself with the appropriate spots for the catch, as well as possible hazards. This will come handy when reaching for the spot at night because one doesn’t have to look around and waste precious time.

The use of bright silver of reflective white bait will be very apt for the night fishing as they will be more visible in the night. Even with a reduced light trout can still notice the a brightly colored bait in the water and will be attracted to bite it. Frequently a lightly colored, or silver spoon can do quite well when fishing at night.

One must move very quietly and slowly while fishing at the night time, as the vibration and sound can be noticed by the trout more at night because of the silent ambiance. It is advisable to bring along a pair of good waders when fishing at night.

Because you are fishing at night, more attention should be placed on where exactly you cast. To prevent lines from being tangled by unseen objects it is advised that you should make a shorter casting approach. Many trout, especially at night, feed near the shore line, so there really is no need to cast deep into the lake or river, and shorter casting will result in fewer tangles.

Also understand that flies are the best bait to offer the trout at night they are somewhat visible in the dark, and are incredibly natural in appearance. this is most true when fishing on or around reeds or any other natural growth.

One trick I have used, that has caught a tremendous number of trout, has been using a solar paneled lamp or lantern and placing it just above the water (usually hanging from a line or branch). This light tends to attract a large number of flying bugs, which often end up falling into the water, which in turn attracts some of the larger trout in the area. This is a great method if you are camping or planning on being out at the lake for a few hours. While it might take a little while for the grazing trout to find your spot, if you have the time this is a way to create an epic night of fishing.

Apart from everything usual, preparing the entire kit at home before leaving for night fishing is the best idea of all.


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