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Types of Freshwater Bass

Freshwater bass or Lake bass is the name of different trimly shaped, hyper active game fish of both salt-water and fresh-water, which is mostly found in the North American regions. This is part of the sea-perch family and it is usually 12-18 inches in length. It is noted for its voracity and fierceness, while the flesh tastes excellent.  The name comes from the Middle English word ‘bars,’ which means ‘perch.’ This term was actually used for the Morone labrax of the European west coast region, and then it was transferred to other fishes that had a fancied or real likeness, to this particular fish in quality and appearance.

There are several types of freshwater bass, if we get into details about each of the different types, then most certainly this would turn into a big book. So to keep with the emphasis on fishing, here is a brief description of the different types of lake bass that anglers usually fish. You can click their names for additional information.

White Bass

White Bass (M.chrysops) – It is also known as sand bass, it is a freshwater game fish and it is the state fish of Oklahoma. White bass are found throughout the US most predominantly in the mid western states. White bass are likely to inhabit rivers, large reservoirs and large lakes.  Most White Bass do not grow more then 10-12 inches, however there have been a few caught that reached over 18 inches in length. The record White Bass, caught on fishing tackle, weighed 6 pounds and 13 ounces.

Striped Bass

Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis) – It is also known and called as Atlantic striped bass, linesider, striper, pimpfish, rock or rockfish. It is the state saltwater fish of New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire and Virginia, while it is also the state fish of Rhode Island, Maryland and South Carolina. This fish has a very high value in sport fishing. It takes a variety of fresh and live baits. I personally catch this bass at Silverwood Lake in Southern California. The striper bass, as it is frequently called, is an amazing sport fish!

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass (M. dolomieu) – It is the native game fish of the upper and middle portion of the Mississippi River basin, Saint Lawrence River – Great Lakes system, while it is also present in the Hudson Bay basin. It found all across North America. The smallmouth bass is one of the three most popular sports fishing bass of all freshwater species. We have often found smallmouth bass at local lakes, and it is one of the most common fish you will find at a lake.

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides) – It is the state freshwater fish of Florida, Georgia and Mississippi, while it is the official state game fish of Tennessee. The Alabama has it as their official state freshwater fish. It has big mouth and is bit easier to catch in comparison to the smallmouth bass. The largemouth bass is possibly the most iconic of all fish when it comes to freshwater fishing. There are fishing tournaments throughout the year in nearly every state in the US, as well as a very well established largemouth fishing leagues. The current world record weight for a largemouth bass is 22 pounds 5 ounces.

Spotted Bass

Spotted Bass (M. punctulatus) – It is often taken as the largemouth bass because of the similarities that they share in their features. It is found in the Gulf states, Mississippi river basin in abundance. It has also been taken to southern Africa, where it is a very established fishing species in isolated waters. Spotted Bass are often found in river basics, but can be found in a variety of locations.

Guadalupe Bass

Guadalupe Bass (M. Treculii) – It is a rare species of bass that is also the state fish of Texas. It is restricted to rivers and creeks, while it is mostly found in the Guadalupe River so it has got the name. It was formerly listed as a vulnerable fish species, but there is no current data available on its volume. This is a very rare fish, so those who do catch it will often catch and release this fish to help encourage the fish population to grow.

Choctaw Bass

Choctaw Bass (M. haiaka) – This is found very rarely and anglers mostly prefer to fish the other types of bass that are available in abundance. This species of black bass was only recently discovered in upper pan handle of Florida. Because this species of bass resembles several other species of bass it is unknown how long the bass went unnoticed. A strict catch and release program is suggested for the Choctaw Bass till a better understanding of their population numbers are known.

Redeye Bass

Redeye Bass (Micropterus coosae) – This game fish is native to the Georgia’s Coosa river system of Alabama state. It is found mostly in the cool rivers that flow in the foothills of the mountain as well as the cool streams. The world record for the Redeye bass is 5 pounds and 2.5 ounces. This is a very small fish in the bass family, often considered part of the sunfish family. It’s red eye is quite distinctive.

More Bass Species Facts – Yellow Bass or M. interruota is the closest relative to the European fish family, and it resides in the southern side of the Mississippi Valley. This brass-yellow fish has seven distinctive black lines in longitude fashion, while the ones that are below the lateral line are being interrupted by the posterior parts, which alternate the anterior looks of it. The oblong-ovate body has its back arched, whereas the anal spines and dorsal fin are stout. It may measure 12-18 inches but it is a very light fish compared to its length, as it weighs only 1-2 pounds for the ordinary bass, but it may also go up to an amazing five pounds as well. Yellow bass is very much esteemed by the anglers in the same way they esteem the black bass.

Striped bass of the rock fish, which is also known as Roccus lineatus, belongs to the same family of fish that is found in the northeast part of the Atlantic. It was not available on the Pacific coast until it was planted there artificially. Since then it has multiplied in numbers and spread from Puget Sound to Lower California. These are the largest fish weighing around 30-50 pounds in the Chesapeake Bay area. These are brassy-olive in color and has pale sides and fins, while the body is marked with black stripes that count anywhere from 6-8 stripes. It is fished by casting a squid through the surf or using a bait piece of shrimp, crab or clam. Although they would rise to bite a fly, but on the Pacific coast they are easy to lure by shinning bait.

White bass or R. chryrops is the nearest relative of the striped bass; it stays in the huge lakes from Saint Lawrence to Manitoba as well as towards the south in Mississippi Valley to the Arkansas. It prefers still waters, while it weights even less that the yellow bass fish. It is caught with bait but it can also be lured or fished with a fly. The silver body color, tinged with a golden bottom with a dusky stripe along the side is its identification.

Black bass is the most prominent freshwater game fish bass in the American waters. This is the most sought after game fish because of its hyperactivity when caught. Bass is indeed the test of fishing skills an angler has, but the catch is very delicious; nonetheless.

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