Lake Perch Fishing Success


Many times, especially during the summer months it is possible to find me out at a local lake. Occasionally on one of these trips, no matter what I intended to target, I will end up fishing for yellow perch. Yellow perch are easy to target, and can often be found in large enough numbers to cherry pick a few for a nice meal, and are some of the best lake fish to eat when prepared properly.

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Some of the most frequent success when fishing for lake perch takes place when I am fishing along the bank of a lake or river, often with some native found bug or critter. I frequently drop my bait or lure just a few feet from the bank of the lake or river, ideally close to a bush or other underwater/semi underwater structure.

Flicking the bait only a few feet from the shore, and only allowing it to sink for 10-20 seconds ensures that the bait will spend the most possible time “hitting” the water. The vast majority of the perch I have caught in lakes were caught just a few seconds after the bait landed on/in the water.

While I prefer to use a natural bait, caught locally, that is not always possible and just about any type of lure will attract a perch… but I have personally had the best luck with simple feather lures, they seem to offer a more natural action that attracts perch that are near by.

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