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Perch fishing can be both easy and rewarding for all fishermen from professionals to novices, but there are some things that you should know. First is that most perch favor lures far more than any type of live or cut bait, but not by much since perch are likely to strike anything within range of them that is moving or resembles food. Live baits such as shiner, minnow, worms, flies, maggots work miraculously, but are not always available. For cut baits pieces of crabs, blood worms and some bits of other fish works equally well. Really when it is a matter of bait, perch tend to eat anything that is edible, but prefer fast moving bright targets.

Lures that are most effective for catching perch are likely to be bright in color, flashy, and are fairly small. Perch are attracted to fast moving objects, bright colors, but do not require a lure to have an incredible “natural” look or design. This means that just about any small, brightly colored lure can work, I personally have had the most luck with small spoons and feathered spinner lures.

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There are a few things that one must know about fishing for perch. Perch are a school fish so if you are utilizing a fish finder, you can easily locate and target the bigger schools, however even if you are fishing from shore with out a fish finder once you catch a perch it is likely there is a school of them near by. When targeting a school of perch be sure to use your perch lures with the most action possible, perch are likely to bite at erratic movements (within reason).

If you are trying to catch the larger of the perch within the school, once you have located a school of perch, you should begin fishing with a small swim bait. A swim bait will often keep many of thee smaller perch from targeting your lure, while being nearly irresistible to the larger perch. The brighter colored your swim bait the better.

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Perch frequently swim near shore, so targeting them in this area is likely to be the most effective, based on season and specific lake conditions. In terms of equipment to pair with your perch lures a freshwater fishing pole that is 5-9 feet in length with medium to light action is more than enough.

It is also advised that you use a monofilament line 6-8 lbs test. The fishing line used needs to be light enough that you can get the correct action out of your lures, however unlike when fishing for trout it is not likely that a perch will notice if you choose to use 15lb test line.


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