Trout Fishing Tips for Spring


A good long winter just passed by and the trout is swimming all over in the warmer days of spring. This is the time that many anglers get active because the fishing season to catch trout has just begun. However, there is a mild level of difficulty that is to be dealt with carefully or else there would be a problem with catching the fishes. In general, trout fishing in spring is a bit hard for the stream and river anglers. People think that trout are not hungry, but on the contrary; after a long and cold season of winter they have developed a huge appetite. Here the problem lies with the streams and rivers, which are muddy and high when spring comes.

To counter those practical problems, here are three trout fishing tips for spring that are handy for any angler.

Fisherman caught a fish in mountain dam

So the very first thing that any aspired angler has to do is, consider the overall length of his fishing rod. If one makes use of a six foot and longer fishing rod, it would be better for trout fishing in spring. This is because this length will give an additional casting distance and an added feeling of the entire episode. Both are very important due to the high water scenario that happens after winter.

The second trout fishing tip for spring is to carefully consider the manner in which the angler presents his bait. Anyone would want his bait to look as original as it could be possible. This is very true when live bait is being put, such as live worms. So when the live worm is used as bait, it should look like a live worm. This means that the worm must be outstretched when it is used as a bait, the same way they appear and move in nature. This can be accomplished by gang hooks. Gang hooks are small hooks paired in tandem that lets the worms outstretched the way they are intended in nature. It is also important that you do not add any unnatural scents to your bait, one way of avoiding doing so is simply rubbing your hands with grass, this ensures that any scent added to the bait is from the area and appears less unnatural to the fish being targeted.

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Trout are notoriously finicky eaters, and can easily be spooked. That is why it is important that your bait is presented in the most natural manner possible, and that your fishing line is as clear as possible. I personally use a monofilament line that is 4 pounds test, in many articles I suggest 6 or 8 pound test but I have recently found that I have more success with 4 pound test. I am not suggesting this for all fishermen, a ultra light line may result in more bites but with out the experience necessary it will also result in more lost fish. Start with a 6 or 8 pound test and work your way to lighter line as you gain experience.

The third and final tip for trout fishing is to watch the time when one intends to go for ‘fishing.’ There are certain times of the month and day that are far better than others for the spring trout fishing; in fact this applies to all kinds of fishing activities. The easiest way to comprehend the best time for fishing is by paying attention to the moon and the weather. These twin forces of nature have a very remarkable impact on the overall feeding behavior of the trout. This is a peculiar tip which could be only mastered with practice and experience if the angler is a novice. But once an angler understands this phenomenon of the lunar effect in combination with the weather, he can have the best catch; again and again.

With these simple, but effective trout fishing tips for spring; one can become a successful angler of trout and his fishing bag would always be full.

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