Trout Fishing Tips for Winter

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For all the trout fishing zealots, winter is the time that gives the same feeling that a footballer gets the next morning, after his team loses in a big game and he realizes that there is no more matches for the next couple of months. The same kind of feeling anglers get because most of them think that winter means the end of trout fishing season. After which they have to tarry until the arrival of spring so they may again wet a line to catch trout. Now, what is of interest here is that one doesn’t have to wait for spring to come, he can go trout fishing in the winter as well with these simple tips to follow.

Even though, winter is not as productive as any other season but trout fishing could be fun and very rewarding if one follows a few rules that are pretty simple. Moreover, it is always challenging to go and fish for trout when the conditions are not at all close to “ideal.”

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The very first thing one need to do is dress for the occasion. This means, wearing wool socks and waders that are insulated. A woolen beanie with a good pair of gloves that are fingerless should be in order when one has to go trout fishing in the winter. Or else, most of the time the angler would be looking for his own warm comfort rather than stalk trout.

The second important thing here is the trout bait and lures, what kind of bait would be good for trout in winter? In winter the size of bait and hook should be small as the trout feeds very less, compared to any other season. Hence, putting grubs and maggots is the best bait for trout in the winter, while the salmon eggs are always their favorite.

Third is the patience, which will be greatly required for trout fishing in the winter. First of all one must never expect the trout to jump on the bait right away and bite it because it is a very subtle situation for a catch. Hence, watching and feeling the line all the time will help when something extraordinary happens. If that extraordinary happens, just set the hook.

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Fourth tip for trout fishing in the winter would be to maximize the time an angler spends on the water. This could be done by being on the water during the daytime when heat is substantial for the trout to be more active. All kinds of fishing are pretty active in the moon rise and moon set; this is a practical phenomenon that will fetch good catch only if the angler does an in-depth study about it. Otherwise, just searching the internet for ‘moon rise’ will help fetch the relevant details that would come handy in trout fishing at the moon rise time.

The bottom line here is that fishing for trout doesn’t have to halt during the months of winter. It won’t be much rewarding as it is during the other comfortable season, but fishing in winter would definitely be a different experience.


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