Trout Fishing Tips for Sunny Days


Fishing for trout in the sunny days can be a bit uncomfortable for the people who are not very fond of the UV-rays of the sun or the heat. However, that it is the time when trout fishing becomes more challenging and the most simple. Here are some common but often forgotten simple tips that can be used for trout fishing in a sunny day, on any sort of water body.

Do Not Wear Colorful Apparel – This is the very first thing that one must do before leaving for fishing. Wearing loud colored clothing can trouble the agenda of trout fishing. This is because trout have very good eyesight and it can conveniently notice things from the water. Hence, when one goes trout fishing, he shouldn’t look anything different than his background as much as possible. Wearing drab colors would help a lot while trout fishing.

Fisherman caught a fish in mountain dam

Fish “Cooler” Areas – Cast into the wind and retrieve against the current, in shaded areas. Trout are most likely hanging out in shaded areas during bright periods of the day. These trout can be coaxed out of these “hiding” places with a bait that appears both natural, and to be moving with the current. Trout frequently in these shaded area are waiting for the current to bring them food, especially during the hottest points of the day.

Your Shadow Could Be A Problem – On a bright sunny day one must pay attention to their shadow and where they are casting it. If the shadow is on the fishing area, it is sure to spook the trout as they immediately notice the unnatural things such as shadows, which are out of place. If the trout are afraid, there won’t be many bites on the bait. Hence, paying attention to where one is casting his shadow while fishing is very important.

Clean Your Hands – Other than a pair of curious and sharp eyes, the trout also have a very sensitive and keen sense of smell. So if there is an unnatural odor in the hands it will be invariably transferring the same odor to the bait as well. Consequently, when the trout would detect the unnatural odor, they will be very apprehensive to bite the bait. The quick and effective solution to this situation is very simple. Grab a handful of green grass or dirt and rub it in the hands. This will immediately remove the unnatural odor off the hands.

Moon And Weather – These two natural elements affect the entire fishing atmosphere in a large way. One must pay complete attention towards the major effects of these two on the feeding cycle of the fishes. The more one knows about these two natural bodies and occurrence, the better it would be when one goes off to trout fishing. The best thing here would be to study about these two in an in-depth manner so that knowledge could be well used when the time comes.

Use Gang Hooks– These are a bunch of hooks tied to each other in such a combination that a fish eating the bait on it can’t slip away once it took a bite. Moreover, the multiple hooks on it allow the bait to be put in a very natural way. A single hook would require the live bait such as a live worm to be threaded on it, while a gang hook can have it rigged around.

Fishing during the hottest parts of the day can be difficult, few trout will be grazing. By targeting submerged structures, and shaded areas you can find where the trout will be likely to be, and with the right baits and/or lures you can often trigger an instinctual strike. An instinctual strike, from a fish is one that takes place when a fish is not intentionally looking for food, or grazing. Instinctual strikes are far more frequent with live bait, or bait that mimics live action.

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