Trout Fishing Tips For Rainy Days


It is never fun to do fishing in the rain but trout fishing in those rainy days can be incredibly productive, irrespective of the cold wet experience. A light rainy day while fishing for trout can offer a good volume of incentives for an angler.

Here are a couple of tips by which trout fishing can be improved in the rain while taking advantage of the weather. Practicing the tips carefully would get even a novice trout fishing angler the best of results that he never expected.

The very first thing that an angler needs to understand is to be on time. The correct time to commence fishing for trout is when the rain has just started and ideally the angler is already in the water.

However, a rain could always change a stream or water body in a significant manner that could also result in the trout getting away from the bait, as well as the obvious dangers, so be responsible when ever fishing in the rain, especially if there is any chance of a flood.

Trout are very wary sort of fish and an angler usually has to move more slowly in order to always keep off, his own shadow from the water. But as the rain breaks up the surface of the water and lowers the visibility of trout, it allows the angler to be a bit free with his movement and to get in a spot that is perfect for casting the line. The falling rain also helps in cooling the water and this pleasant change in the temperature makes the trout highly active.

Rain brings new food with it, often in the form of bugs and such that is washed off the leaves, banks, limbs of plants and soil; attracting trout to feed on it. This is a huge natural attraction for trout, in the wild this is a time of food abundance and trout are certain to take advantage.

During the rain, using live flies as bait works more than anything else but finding dry flies in falling rain is quite difficult. However, there is always a chance when one fishes around these incoming varieties of natural food for the trout. If you do not have access to live flies the next best thing is a high quality fake. Dry flies are incredibly effective during the first few hours of rain, and can occasionally work throughout the day if the rain is light.

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Cast the line ahead of any fly that has fallen in the water and struggling to keep itself a float. There will be a lot of trout competing for that fly but only one would get it; while another could eat your dry fly, or in some cases even a bare hook.

Use of gang hooks that are pre-tied is recommended in rainy season as the live bait could be rigged nicely around it, where it appears to be absolutely natural without any hooks or lines. The other beneficial reason to go fishing in the rain is; most of the regular fishermen avoid the uncomforting pouring water from heaven. Thus, the competition from other anglers fades away with the rain and that makes for more chances of having a quiet day to your self fishing. The next time you are about to go trout angling and the weather forecast predicts a rain, head out to the water body anyway, and have a great time fishing trout in the rain.

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