Trout Fishing Tips for Summer Fishing


Most of the trout species prefers clear and cold water. Hence, as the temperature of water increase as well as the possibilities of damages to any trout, which has been caught and then released. So in the summer time, more than any other please be careful with all trout you are planning on releasing. Trout fishing in the summer can be a lot of fun, but should be practiced responsibly.

Never play a hooked trout under the summer sun for long. With a raised water temperature they tend to get tired faster than they would normally. In such heat, if a long time is spent on playing them, it could result in a life threatening injury to the trout.

Now that we have the trout safety out of the way we can focus on the summer fishing tips. During the summer bugs seem to be at their most active, and I have had a lot of success fishing dry flies and small spinners around submerged structures (bushes, reeds, fallen trees, etc).

Landing net with brown trout fisch in a river.

Trout are constantly “willing to eat” but are most active when they are grazing. Grazing is the act of a trout actively looking for food, not waiting for the food to come to them as they usually do. During the summer months trout seem to graze far more frequently and either near shore or near a submerged structure. Fishing these areas will increase your likelihood of finding active trout quickly, do not be afraid to walk around the lack and cast different areas. When fishing around submerged structures target areas in the shade, an area that is shaded or otherwise blocked from direct sunlight.

The second tip for trout fishing in summer is to ensure that the hands are always free of any sort of unnatural odors. This would sound crazy to anyone who is a novice, but understanding that trout have an extremely sensitive sense of smell; which can easily detect the unnatural odors on the lure or bait. So, if they do smell something unnatural, they will not bite the bait. Hence, ensuring that the hands are absolutely free from unnatural odors is of vital importance. However, there is a very easy solution to this problem. Just grab a handful of dirt or grass before putting the bait to hook, and rub it thoroughly into your both hands. This will immediately remove any unnatural odors that were present some time ago.

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The final tip for summertime fishing is to always use the gang hooks for live bait, especially when using live worms for fishing. This is because gang hooks let the angler present bait to trout in an absolutely effective and natural manner. This is more so because while fishing with the live worms hooked on a gang hook, it conveniently allows the angler to also hook the short striking fishes that would have been otherwise away.

This is an all-season tip, but it goes very well for the summer trout fishing season. It is good to keep some gang hooks that are pre-tied so that one can use them immediately without any trouble. Many of the other more basic trout fishing tips apply during summer fishing, and if you are just learning it is advised you read those as well, click here to do so.

Wearing a cap or a hat with full sleeves shirt or T-shirt would be very helpful in this feat because it would save one from the hot rays of the summer sun. One should get home with some trout, but not with sun-burnt skin.

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