Fishing for Trout with Spinners


Trout spinners are often very similar to trout spoons with the difference that spinners not only spin but also are usually accompanied by some type tail (either a feather or other basic swim bait design). Spinners ofter several ways that they attract fish, and especially trout, including the color, movement, vibrations, and flash.

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The “spoon” aspect of a spinner lure is often what causes the flash, and the irregular share causes the movement and vibrations… and together they are likely to cause a trout to instinctively strike.

An important thing to remember and focus on when fishing for trout with spinners is that sharp hooks are crucial, frequently trout will strike a spinner lure with less force than the trout may strike a spoon or other bait, or at least it will feel as though this is the case. The reason behind this “soft striking” it is possible that the trout is actually striking the blade on the spinner and not always the spinner itself.

I think that it is important for anyone who is targeting trout to have a fair number of trout spinners, as with most lures and even dough baits it is impossible to know what color or style a trout will target on any given day. One of the most frustrating things for many fisherman is that a lure will work great one day and not the next… leading the fishermen to believe there are no longer trout in that area. This is rarely the case, on a day to day basis trout will target different colors, so frequently changing the color or style of your trout spinner (when not getting bites) will greatly increase your odds of catching more fish.

Some of the most effective trout spinners I have found, both from personal experience and by speaking with other sportsmen include:


Panther Martin Trout Kit

Mepps Trouter Kit

Yakima Rooster Tails
Panther Martin Trout Kit, 36 Piece – The Panther Martin Trout Kit is an ideal set up for anyone who is looking to add trout spinners to their arsenal. The large number of colors and styles gives you tons of options to switch through while trying to find what the trout are looking for. Mepps Hot Trouter Kit – This is another great kit that offers more than enough different styles and colors to get you through any fishing day. In my experience Mepps has been provided some of the most consistent trout spinners available, there is just a huge variety of styles. Yakima Rooster Tail – The Yakima Rooster Tail is possibly one of the most versatile of all of the trout spinners. With high quality lures, a large number of colors and design options, and exceptional movement these trout spinners are easily some of the most effective available.


In my experience, spinner lures have been incredibly effective around brush, and under trees. It is also my experience that while trout spinners are likely to provide a large number of bites and consistent action for a fisherman, they rarely provide large “trophy fish.”

The only problem I can see with the majority of trout spinners out there is that since they perform best around reeds and fallen trees many are likely to be lost (at least many of mine end up lost), however this problem is overtaken by the simple solution that these are usually incredibly inexpensive lures and are usually sold in packs.

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