Golden Rainbow Trout Fishing


Golden rainbow trout are an off shoot of the rainbow trout variety. The entire population of golden rainbow trout has been bred from a single mutated color variant. The amazing coloring of the golden rainbow trout has resulted in this fish becoming one of the most popular trout to target, when fishing for trout. Golden rainbow trout are predominantly yellow or gold, lacking the usual green and black that rainbow trouts possess.

Golden rainbow trout are native to Golden Trout Creek, Volcano Creek and South Fork Kern River in California.

Golden rainbow trout have been transplanted to several different lakes and streams. Golden rainbow trout are a favorite implant during trout tournaments and derbies due to the striking nature of a large golden trout breaking water. Many golden rainbow trout have been transplanted weighing up to 5 pounds at time of release, it is rare that such a large trout of any other variety is transplanted at such a size.

In 1948, a 28 inch, 11.25 pound golden rainbow trout was caught from Cook Lake and has since remained the world record.

Golden rainbow trout prefer water temperature between 56 degrees and 62 degrees, and frequents clear moving waters.

There are very few specific tactics for catching golden rainbow trout that do not apply to rainbow trout in general. Below are some simple methods that should increase the number of rainbow trout you catch, golden rainbow or traditional rainbow trout.

  • Use small hooks no larger than size #8
  • Use an ultra light rod and reel
  • Frequently change your bait, trout are picky eaters and may not strike baits today just because they were working yesterday
  • Keep your lines tight. Trout frequently will quickly if your lines are not tight you may not even be aware you have gotten a bite.
  • All rainbow trout have keen eye sight, it is advised to use a thin monofilament line no thicker than 6 pound test.

Golden rainbow trout are likely to be farm raised, and a fishermen targeting them should be fishing for stocked trout. This means that there should be an emphasis on using dough balls, as well as PowerBait.

Many farm raised fish will respond well to various forms of PowerBait. When using PowerBait it is important to switch colors and scents as often as possible, if you are not getting any bites… I have personally caught several rainbow trout while using PowerBait, but rarely with the first color or scent chosen. So if you are going to be using PowerBait I would put an emphasis on multiple styles as well as colors.


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